Success Starts when You “Jump!”

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Last week at “The Enchanted Business Woman’s Luncheon” I  shared a simple Leadership and Success tip, about business. “Just jump  in,” I said. “No matter where you are . . . just jump in and get started.” The journey will answer the  questions and show you the way.

As the week progressed, I penetrated some of the deeper layers of  that tip. Here is what I learned: So many of us get paralyzed in a desire for  perfection that we don’t ever jump; or if we do, we jump out as quickly as the  difficulties set in. We feel like “staying where we are” keeps us safe, but the truth is, it doesn’t. It just keeps us small.

I have been shape-shifting both my business vision and mission for  several years. I have had multiple names for it and muse that I have enough  business cards to “quilt a baby blanket.” I was sorta in it with one  foot, and I was playing it safe. I reasoned that it was because I was still  raising my last “dependent” child. And, while that was true, it was  also true that my business vision is BIG, and that scares the hell out of me.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, as  I transitioned  through the final stages  of the empty nest syndrome ” my business vision called to me, louder and  louder. I didn’t want to listen. A long story short, the pain of not listening  grew, and I eventually heeded the call and jumped more fully into “my  business game.”

By jumping in, I learned that jumping in, exactly where I was, and  not waiting until I had everything perfectly inline yielded the best insights.  It brought to my awareness insights that I needed to   competently move forward.  Insights

  • Me
  • My project
  • My values and objectives
  • Those whom are a part of my vision—Clients, Colleagues and
    Strategic Partners

Jumping in also brought clarity, showed me where I ultimately wanted  to go, and the adjustments I need need to make to “get there” and achieve success.

Yes, I have hit my share of bumps along the way, and so will you,  but as long as we stay “open to the learnings,” and stay the course,
we can mine the experiences for knowledge and data.  In the words of J. Michael Derem, we can  “Fail our Way to Success.”  Walt
Disney did it!  So did Elvis, Sylvester  Stalone, and many others who became “household names.”  Those people dared to dream. They pushed
beyond their fears, and they jumped.  They  inspire us.  They have also shown us that  “jumping” and being willing to find our way as we go will ultimately  get us to our goals.

What is your Dream? What are your goals?

What say ye?  Shall we jump?

Welcome to The Enchanted Woman Blog

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Welcome to The Enchanted Woman™ a blog designed to support people who Live, or desire to Live, with Volition.  I will be blogging about subjects in the areas of Leadership, Business Development, and Communication.  It is my goal to inspire and motivate readers to Live, Lead and Work with Heart and Purpose. Everything will be delivered through the lens of Authentic Empowerment™.

You might be curious about the name so let me shed some light on that subject.  I did not choose it. Cliché as it might sound; it chose me.  Oh, I put up a fight, arguing that people weren’t gonna take it or me seriously, but in the end, I had to surrender to the greater wisdom of my higher-self, and settle in to the vision and spirit of “The Enchanted Woman™.”

As I opened to the name I realized that its non-traditional characteristics provided some appeal.   I also opened to accept the fact that I’m not a totally traditional kind-a-girl . . . Well, I’m not completely untraditional.  I mean, I love to do research.  I love raw data.   I love facts, stats, logic and unfolding the mystery of life in an empirical way.  But, I also realized that “traditional” usually means a heavy left brain/logical slant that holds little or no room for Imagination, Creativity and Fun.  I’m not saying that left brain intelligence and logic aren’t important.  They are.  It is that side of the brain that allows us to figure out patterns, formulas, and chart a course for our own success.  But, I am saying that intelligence and logic are lifeless, and boring, without Imagination and Creativity.

I tried names like: A Woman’s Way, Self-Defined, Strategic Woman, Empowered and On Purpose . . . But none of those opened the doors wide-enough to convey the message that every one of us has the capacity to create and live a life On Purpose; Be Playful with It, and Enjoy the Journey.

So what exactly is an Enchanted Woman?  She is a Person of Character, Courage, and Vision.   She has a “9-lives Resilience” and an Unwavering Determination to “Go the Distance.”    She is Resourceful, Authentic, and dares to “Paint [life] with all the Colors of the Rainbow.”  She IS Empowered, yet she Believes in and Values the Goodness of people.   And finally, she has Heart, and Wants to Make a Difference.

The Enchanted Journey is not necessarily easy.   To live such a life, requires work and commitment.   We have all undergone the socialization process, whereby we have been  conditioned by the influence and good opinions of others.   But, as Alice discovered: the journey belongs to each of us, individually, and we must make our way back through the weight of our programming, and social influences, retaining the lessons learned and re-connecting with our own hearts desires, while maintaining goodness and love, if we are to live The Enchanted Life™.

What say ye? Are you up for the journey?



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