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I’m on a quest to drop 30 pounds (don’t ask me how I’m doing, yet) so I picked up a copy of Clean Eating, magazine while at my weekly mastermind at Barnes and Noble. As I was thumbing through it, looking at all the mouth watering clean recipes, I landed on an article about vinegar.

It turns out that the tangy liquid is a natural fat fighter.  According to the article, Japanese researcher Tomoo Kondo conducted a lab study, in 2009 and found that animals given a high fat diet with a “splash” of vinegar accumulated 10% less body fat than their study group counterparts that were given only water.

The skinny on this study is that Acetic acid appears to “turn on genes in the liver that produce proteins that help break down fat.” I do have to add: the article also said that further study is required to see how this translates to humans, but heck it isn’t gonna hurt to do your own case study, with you as the subject.  . . . Sorry the article did not say just how much vinegar is required to kick start these liver genes. I’m thinking 1 – 2 tablespoons per day.

Oh, and by the way, if you are not a fan of the pungent juice try rice vinegar. It’s not as sharp so you might find it more palatable. I do. Trader Joe’s carries a really good one for about $1.70 a bottle. I use it in almost everything I would use regular vinegar in; including my Good Seasons, Zesty Italian salad dressing—and my husband, a devout carnivore loves it too. This tiny change actually got him eating cleaner salads.  

So, why not add a bit of vinegar to your daily menu and burn some fat.

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