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Writer Unleashed YourWritingMentor.comChief Inspiration Officer
Other PO Box 244 Half Moon Bay CA 94019 Cell Phone: 650-440-5616


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Mary E. Knippel, Writer Unleashed at, transformational author, publisher and inspirational speaker intimately understands what it means to be a woman in transition on a journey of self-discovery from the woman you no longer recognize to the woman you want to become. Mary is fiercely committed to support you to unleash your voice, to speak up and shine in your business and in your life as the gift you are to the world, to be the author of your story, and to leverage your impact through writing. Through presentations and programs such as: “Unleash Your Fame & Fortune Blogging Course,” “Unleash Your Authentic Voice,” and “Living a Life Unleashed,” women are able to put their passion and purpose into words. Using the power of storytelling, she helps you gain clarity and confidence to reclaim your voice, define your message, and Live a Life Unleashed! A journal writer since the age of 11, and a journalist for over 30 years, Mary knows the enormous power and healing capabilities of the written word. A two-time breast cancer survivor, she encourages writing and other hands-on creative tools as powerful recovery techniques in her upcoming book, The Secret Artist. Throughout the book she shares tips about what she has learned to help you move from survive to thrive. Learn more about Mary’s classes and workshops, request a complimentary discovery session, sign-up to receive free on-going writing tips and techniques, or invite her to speak to your group, by visiting her website at