Chic & Unique Conference 2015

Thursday, Oct 01, 2015

Enchanted Leadership Conference

Are you ready to learn the secrets to stand out, attract your perfect audience, Get More Speaking Opportunities, Monetize Your Message?


The Enchanted Woman Presents:

Chic & Unique

Claim Your X-Factor Edge and Make an Impact

Own What Makes You Unique

                           Build Your Perfect Audience                                

  Raise Your Influence Quotient

     and Monetize Your Message . . . 




          Attention all Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, Authors, and Entrepreneurs with a Calling!


Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs attract people like a magnet while others remain lost in the shadows?

Do you struggle to speak eloquently about what you do in business?

Would you like to get more “Lean-in” . . . more interest in your product or services?

Wanna know the top 3 Secrets to get more Speaking Gigs?

Are you ready to Stand for Your Cause, and Start a Movement?



Then Join us on Thursday, October 1st


Here’s just some of what you will discover at this one-day event:

¨ Uncover the Hidden Truth about Owning Your Personal Edge so you can Reach Your Target market!

¨ Learn How to Build Your Celebrity Status so you can Have a Real Impact!

¨ Identify how to Enthuse Your Audience and Take the Stage with Total Confidence!

¨ Discover the 3 keys to Monetize Your Message using Internet Radio

¨ Discover  how to make your Vision Real, and See the Results

¨ Learn how to Create an Image that Your Ideal Clients will Respect and Eagerly Follow

¨ Identify blocks  that keep you from Manifesting Your Dream, How to Master Your Mindset

¨ Learn how to Be More Referable to Attract  A Steady Flow of Your Ideal Clients

¨ . . . and much, much, more


We have also invited a panel of experts to speak in the areas of:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Mindset/Spirituality
  • Relationships
  • Marketing Your Message
  • And more


Dare to be Different, and Make an Impact!


You’ll also experience:

  •  Support with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs as determined as your are to succeed in their businesses – in alignment with their values and vision
  •  Valuable networking so bring plenty of business cards


When: Thursday, October 01, 2015

Registration: 8:30 AM

Program: 9:00 – 6:00

Post Event Social Roundup: 6:15 – 7:30

Location: Contra Costa Country Club

801 Country Club Dr., Pleasant Hill CA


All this and more just $97.00  ($67 pre-event pricing)



Spend the day with other entrepreneurs as determined as you are to succeed in their businesses . . .


Meet your speakers:

 Cyndee at Enchanted Conference April 2014 1

Cyndee Paulson-Heer ~ The Enchanted Woman  

Chic & unique

Who you are speaks so loud I can’t hear what you are saying. ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson. We can’t hide who we are so we might as well embrace it, lead with it, and monetize it.

In this talk you will learn:

  • The #1 Secret to attract your Right Target Market
  • How to Build Influence on Your Terms
  • The 3 questions you must answer to speak effectively about your business

About Cyndee: Cyndee is an award winning speaker with more than 20 years in the business.  Her authenticity, detail of knowledge, and passion make her a dynamic and welcome speaker.  She is a serial entrepreneur, award winning author, and founder of The Enchanted Business Woman network—Proclaimed the BEST networking in the SF East Bay Area.  

Steve_Napolitan Thumbnail 






Steve Napolitan ~ 

Stop guessing and start knowing what works

Turn marketing into business growth. Get the proven 3-step process to attract more leads, gain more clients and, most importantly, increase REVENUE.

Truly Capture your Clients

Do you feel that you are guessing when it comes to your marketing? Or worse yet, spending time and money on your marketing without great results? Learn how to stop guessing and start knowing. Gain exponential growth by attracting and keeping clients; better yet, by capturing YOUR clients.


  • How to DESIGN your business in a way to create a solid BRAND foundation while achieving your desired lifestyle.
  • How to BUILD your business with the right BRAND message, so that you capture your perfect client.
  • How to Share your business, so you can consistently attract clients. 
About Steve: Learn from award winning marketer, Mr. Steve Napolitan, who typically works with entrepreneurs, C-level executives and consultants, who are spending time and money on their marketing and having a problem of not gaining consistent results. He’s helped his clients reach millions more, literally, in traffic, impressions and most important revenue. He’s an international speaker and has worked with fortune 500 companies, such as Apple, Intel, Charles Schwab and Nestle.
 Patsy Anderson (3)
Patsy Anderson, Concept Designer
Women’s Expo MD & Maryland Home Business Expo
Monetize Your Message with Internet Radio
14 year, radio host, Patsy Anderson will pull back the curtain, and share how she has created a six-figure income using internet radio.
In this talk you will learn:
  • How I Leveraged Radio to Grow my Brand
  • 3 Keys to Monetize Your Message using Internet Radio
  • How to make money with a Radio Show
Your Net Worth is in your own Network 
About Patsy: Known for her innovative concepts in generating income. Patsy has been designing concepts for Women in Business, Expos, Networking Organization, Non Profits and RADIO SHOWS for over 30 years.
Patsy was awarded the Innovative Woman Award by  Innovative Woman magazine at the 2013 Success Summit in Los Angeles, and now co writes a monthly column, “The Six Figure Woman, for HER LIFE Magazine. She has received other prestigious awards from Soroptimist International,On Purpose Woman, and the American Association of Women in Community Colleges. 
 Patsy has 13 years experience as a radio talk-show host for RADIO ONE (WOLB 1010 AM )  She taught non profit fundraising as a faculty member of CEO Space International in Las Vegas.
It isn’t Who You Know It’s Who Knows You”. 
Recent Designs include:
The 15th Annual Maryland Womens Expo 
Fox 45-Baltimore BMore Healthy Expo
  ( The Womens Zone)
The Marland Preakness-Womens Galleria
Perfect World Network Radio (
Enchanted Voice Radio (San Francisco)

Dawn jpeg







Dawn Lyons ~ Referral Institute

Do you Believe you can have it all?

In just 30 minutes Dawn will have you understanding life patterns that are getting in the way of you having it all! You will do a live exercise on new affirmations to shift your life patterns to the true life you want as well as be inspired to live more fully in everything you do!

About Dawn: As a consultant and referral marketing expert, Dawn Lyons is the Vice-President and Partner of the Referral Institute, an international organization in 20 different countries. An best- selling author, Dawn has been hired to speak to audiences of over 500+ people in Ireland, Sweden, France, Germany, the UK, Australia, Canada, and across the US.

She and her husband Mike Macedonio, a New York Times best-selling author, also own 3 franchises of BNI in Northern California with 2,200 members and 78 chapters.








Maile Collmer ~ Referral Institute

Lead with Referability, and Step into Powerful Business Networking

86% of Business Professionals believe that Networking is necessary for business success. The problem is that most people do not feel that they get the results they desire from their networking efforts.

In just 30-minutes you will learn:

  • The secret to building influence, and getting the networking results you desire.
  • The 3-Keys to building your reputation as the go-to expert in your field.
  • The #1 Attitude to get that networking edge, and sky rocket your results.

About Maile:  is the franchise owner of the Referral Institute Contra Costa. By becoming a franchise owner, she had to surrender her reign as longest Referrals for Life® client; however, Maile was the first person to join the Referrals for Life program. As a Referral Institute client, Maile went from being in the top 25% of Realtors in Contra Costa County, to being in the top 5%. By building a world class referral team, Maile was able to increase her business, increase her time off, and have more fun – despite the tough economy and industry norm of 12-hour days and 7-day work weeks. By combining her two passions, individual excellence and the power of a team, Maile teaches entrepreneurs how to create their own powerful referral team, one that will bring them a consistent and predictable stream of referrals.







Sahar Nafal ~ The Bright Side of Life

How to Make Your Bright Offer with Authenticity and Grace

How being chic & unique while making your offer from the stage can help you enroll more people into your programs.

In this talk you will learn:

  •  How authenticity and grace can support you in making a powerful offer that moves the audience to sign up for your programs
  •  The Most-Effective way to get event promoters/ workshop leaders say yes to have YOU present and promote your services from the stage.
  • How to find speaking opportunities in your own backyard

About Sahar: Sahar Nafal, founder of “The Bright Side of Life” Women’s Community, is a Community Builder Expert and speaker who have devoted her business to assisting women build stronger, deeper, and more passionate communities.

A Dynamic speaker, Sahar has shared the stage with industry giants such as John Gray, Lisa Nichols, Marian Williamson, Les Brown, Tim Kelly, Deepak Chopra, Seval Oz and many others- See more at









Lisa Ferrer ~ Lisa Ferrer

Clearing Negative Emotions that Hold You Back From Success

Is it possible that negative emotions and a critical inner voice are hijacking you from having the highest levels of success and happiness?

Do you have a negative inner voice that says you are not good enough, smart enough, or talented enough to go to the next level of success?

The process that Lisa will lead you through at conference, which she uses to get results personally and with clients world-wide, will:

  • You will begin to clear the root of negative self-talk and emotions.

  • You will be able to start taking actions to breakthrough where you feel “stuck” in your business.

  • And you will initiate your ability to manifest the business and life you desire.

About Lisa: As a widow and single mom, Lisa Ferrer has created a successful mini-empire of rental properties and an international energy healing practice with clients on five continents that grew internationally by word-of-mouth alone. Lisa is also co-owner of the Center For Conscious Living, a center for holistic and natural health practitioners in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Cory Nott ~ Referral Institute, Oakland
Stand Out from the Herd
With instant access to so much information, how do you stand out from the herd to your prospective clients? Cory Nott, a Collaborative Coach with Referral Institute of Oakland, will teach you exactly that. 
The foundation of any marketing plan is to know your unique message and articulating it to your target audience. For collaborative marketing, that means sharing a compelling and inspiring message with referral sources, customers and clients. Cory will identify key elements of discovering how to set yourself apart in your profession when networking, including how to:
  • Craft a powerful message for your business
  • Attract the ideal referral sources and clients
  • Take ownership of your message
About Cory: Cory has over 24 years of experience in project management, software development, and business consulting. He has been in business for himself for 15 years. Cory started with the Referral Institute as a Referrals For Life student in 2009 and built his small software development consulting practice to six-figures by referral. In 2014, he engaged his new found passion for coaching and opened Referral Institute Oakland.

Mark and Shannon






Mark and Shannon Grainger

5 Barriers To Being Magnetic & Attracting High Paying Clients

If you aren’t making the kind of money you know is possible, you could be missing a few key pieces.  Mark & Shannon will reveal the biggest barriers that keep you from magnetizing your ideal clients and making a bigger difference. 

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn…

  • The #1 Secret To Get Paid What Your Worth & Having The Big Impact You’re Here To
  • Make How To Get Rid of Self Doubt & Fear (Once And For All)
  • 3 Keys To Stop Spinning Your Wheels & Start Making A Big Impact … Finally

About Mark & Shannon: There’s a buzz going on… Mark & Shannon launch Rock Stars!  In the last 12 months, their clients have made over $2.4 MILLION Dollars!

Mark & Shannon have learned the inside secrets of the speaking industry.  Their big impact is in the ability to help you monetize your message, get more visibility and make the difference you’re called to make.   

Meet Your Speaker Panel:



 Diana Concoff Morgan, Whole Heart Marketing

Diana Concoff Morgan ~ Whole Heart Marketing 

Elevate Your Social Media Presence

Using the elevator speech model with social media could be keeping you on the ground floor. Discover the Missing ingredient to deepening your social media connections and getting more clients.

About Diana: Diana Concoff Morgan, CEO of Whole Heart Marketing is a Speaker, Trainer, Successful Entrepreneur and Certified Coach specializing in Internet Marketing, Blogging, Social Media and SEO. She is the Co-Author in the book, “Business Success With Ease.” Since 2009, her mission has been to help small business owners Build Visibility, Influence and Affluence VIA the internet using results-oriented strategies to Be Seen, Create Whole Heart Connections, Get Known and Attract More Clients! She offers “Done For You Services” including Blog, SEO and Social Media Solutions as well as Classes and 1-1 Customized Training.









Mary Knippel ~ The Writer Unleashed

Somebody you need to know…

Do you ever ask yourself where you are in your life? And just whose life you are leading? Life is a balancing act and often juggling your various roles keep you from knowing the real YOU. It’s time to get reacquainted with someone very special. Someone who has been waiting for you to show up and shine for a long, long time.  Join Mary E. Knippel, Writer Unleashed, founder of Your Writing Mentor to learn how to live a life unleashed and the tools to have a brand new you emerge today.

 Participants will walk away with:

  •  A strategy to design your next steps
  •  A simple reinvention tool
  •  An easy plan to keep you on your journey to authenticity
About Mary:  Mary E Knippel, Writer Unleashed and founder of Your Writing Mentor is an author, publisher, and speaker fiercely committed to supporting women to claim their voices…rewrite their stories…embody their message…transform readers into clients…Live a Life Unleashed! Using the expertise gained from over 35 years as a journalist and her signature 5-step system, Mary guides her clients to gain clarity and confidence in who they are, the gifts they are here to share and whom they are meant to serve. Receive free blog training, learn about virtual classes, or to invite her to speak to your group, by visiting her website.







Christina Alba Rivulet Chiropractic 

Posture Works 

You can’t judge a book by its cover.  Well, actually you can. How you enter a room and carry your body can indicate a lot about what type of leader you are. If your posture affects how confident you are with your unique message, wouldn’t it make sense to improve your body alignment? Dr. Christina Alba will share with you the impact your posture has on your health, vitality and business.
About Christina: Dr. Christina Alba is a wellness champion and chiropractor with an office in Lafayette.  She is an expert in women’s health, understanding first hand the busy lifestyles of working women and assisting them in expressing their fullest potential. In addition to her practice, she is also an instructor for NextBarre, where she instructs others to be aligned, strong and fit. She lives by the mantra “Let Life Flow.” 







Lily Dong ~ Lily Dong Photography

Profile Photos that Win Paying Clients?’

Did you know that potential clients are viewing your profile pictures?

“Who you are is one thing.  Your image is everything.” Sounds shallow! Right? Considering that potential clients are viewing our profile pictures and sizing us up in 2.5 second, it may be shallow, but it is also important.

Learn what key elements make a ‘can’t be ignored’ image for self-marketing, and what faux pas will guarantee failure.

About Lily: Lily was a bridal gown designer for 12 yrs before she became a photographer. She is an artist before she was a gown designer or a photographer. She understands art and people, and captures them both through her lens, bringing your authenticity out in your profile photos. 


When: Thursday, October 01, 2015 

Registration: 8:30 am

Program: 9:00 – 6:00

Location: Contra Costa Country Club

801 Country Club Dr., Pleasant Hill CA

No-Host Social Roundup, immediately following


Chic & Unique

Claim Your X-Factor Edge and Make an Impact


All this and more, just $97.00 ($67 pre-event pricing) 

Early Bird $47 (Ends 9/25/15)