The Enchanted Woman Presents . . .

Business Mastery Conference

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

9:30am – 5:30pm

Contra Costa Country Club
801 Country Club Dr., Pleasant Hill CA

No-Host Social Roundup, immediately following

Business Mastery Conference 2016

Kickstart your BUSINESS and up-level your foundations for better results! 


Have you ever wondered why some businesses THRIVE, while others struggle?


Join us on Wednesday, February 3 & Learn the “Practical Pig” approach to building a foundation of “brick and stone,” and a business that  no “wolf” can shake!


Early Bird: $67


Are you ready to:

  • Increase my influence so I can increase my income
  • Simplify and reactivate my business plan
  • Shore-up my business systems…including my money and client attraction systems
  • Update my marketing plan and learn what experts do that work
  • Learn about systems to automate my business and make it thrive
  • Power-up my follow-up and ignite my sales process
  • Supercharge my “Personal Why!” . . . and more




What people are saying about The Enchanted Woman Conferences?

“I completely enjoyed The Enchanted Woman, Chic & Unique Conference. The quality of the speakers was top notch! I absolutely loved every one of them. Moreover, I enjoyed watching Cyndee do her thing. It was such a treat. She is a class act. The event had such a unique balance of elegance & professionalism, but with so much warmth as well. I am blessed to call her a friend and mentor.”

Sumati Sparks ~ Feminine Prosperity

Sumati Sparks

“I attended my first The Enchanted Woman Conference, Chic & Unique, in Oct 2015.  It was a wonderful experience.  I really enjoyed the speakers, networking and sharing ideas with the other women who attended the conference.  I especially enjoyed being in a room full of amazing women who are experts in their fields. It was an invigorating experience! I’m looking forward to the next conference in February.”

Fariba Amani Weitgenant ~Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski


“I have been to many conferences, but none quite like The Enchanted Woman Conferences.  They never fail to give above and beyond my expectations with a perfect balance of networking, information, and fun. The venues are always top notch, and while it shouldn’t matter at a conference, the food is great, too. I always meet new people and make valuable connections. Additionally, I love that when I leave I always feel like I’ve worked on my business.  There’s so many events happening in the Bay Area, and so many choices, but I’m always guaranteed that if I choose The Enchanted events, I will get the most bang for my buck, and return on my time investment.” 

Diana Concoff Morgan ~ Whole Heart Marketing

Diana Morgan Whole Heart Marketing


Keynote: Who is your Big Bad Wolf in Business?

Do you lack in follow-through?
Perhaps you don’t have enough clients!

We all have our wolves! In this talk you will learn how to:

  • Identify how your house could be blown down
  • Understand how your support network can provide stability
  • Discover what you will need to make your house withstand the huffing and puffing of the Big Bad Wolf

Dawn jpeg

Dawn Lyons ~ Referral Institute 

About Dawn: As a consultant and referral marketing expert, Dawn Lyons is the Vice-President and Partner of the Referral Institute, an international organization in 20 different countries. An best- selling author, Dawn has been hired to speak to audiences of over 500+ people in Ireland, Sweden, France, Germany, the UK, Australia, Canada, and across the US.

She and her husband Mike Macedonio, a New York Times best-selling author, also own 3 franchises of BNI in Northern California with 2,200 members and 78 chapters.


Double Your Influence, Double Your Income!

Have you ever met a “master networker”?  That business professional that seems to know “everyone” and has the “it” factor when it comes to making business happen out of any relationship?  Maile will reveal her top success strategies for “working your network”!

In this talk you will learn:

  • The 2 elements that are a must for a profitable network
  • The secret to getting your sphere of influence to refer you the higher quality business you deserve
  • How to create a positive reputation that precedes you and be known by the people who matter


Maile Collmer ~ Referral Institute, Contra Costa

About Maile:  Maile is the franchise owner of the Referral Institute Contra Costa. By becoming a franchise owner, she had to surrender her reign as longest Referrals for Life® client; however, Maile was the first person to join the Referrals for Life program. As a Referral Institute client, Maile went from being in the top 25% of Realtors in Contra Costa County, to being in the top 5%. By building a world class referral team, Maile was able to increase her business, increase her time off, and have more fun – despite the tough economy and industry norm of 12-hour days and 7-day work weeks. By combining her two passions, individual excellence and the power of a team, Maile teaches entrepreneurs how to create their own powerful referral team, one that will bring them a consistent and predictable stream of referrals.


Power-Up! Your Follow-Up To Convert More Prospects Into Clients

So many entrepreneurs are leaving a significant amount of money on the table due to poor follow-up skills or an inadequate follow-up system.

During Debbie’s talk you will learn:

  • How to be more organized with your follow-up
  • How important it is to be prepared before every contact with a prospect
  • How to get a lion’s share of referrals

Debbie Haufman

Debbie Hoffman ~ Power-Up Your Follow-up

About Deborah ~ Debbie Hoffman is an acclaimed leader, speaker & trainer whose inspired platform: Power-Up! Your Follow-Up addresses a universal need. She works with small business owners, entrepreneurs & sales professionals to sharpen their follow-up skills, implementing well-targeted strategies to convert more prospects into valued clients. Debbie was a successful investment banker with 25 years experience as Managing Director for Wall Street firms. Her organizational skills were instrumental in building business relationships generating $25 billion in sales to institutional investors. Over the past 13-years, she has been a thriving wellness industry entrepreneur, building a team of 2000 consultants.


What Gets Tracked Gets Done: 3 Systems to Grow Your 6-Figure Business

We get so many opportunities from prospecting, leads, and referrals!

Do you ever feel like these opportunities are slipping through your fingers? Cory Nott will give you three simple systems for managing prospects and demonstrate an amazing tool that you can take everywhere with you and be up to the minute with your client pipeline.

In his talk Cory will share 3 easy to use apps that will help your business thrive!


Cory Nott ~ Referral Institute, Oakland

About Cory: Cory has over 24 years of experience in project management, software development, and business consulting. He has been in business for himself for 15 years. Cory started with the Referral Institute as a Referrals For Life student in 2009 and built his small software development consulting practice to six-figures by referral. In 2014, he engaged his new found passion for coaching and opened Referral Institute Oakland.


From Doldrum to Dynamite, Unleash the Power of Your Authentic Bio 

When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.  Author Unknown 

So many bios are outdated and the only thing they inspire is a yawn. If you’re still writing your bio with just the black and white facts it’s time to spice it up so your readers can feel your passion! 

Bring your bio to life and watch your expertise leap off the page. 

Dive into what makes you extraordinary. See how sharing your uniqueness can build relationships and deepen your connection with your ideal clients.

In this talk you will learn how to:

  • Spice up your bio with technicolor passion 
  • Stand out passionately as an expert 
  • Write an extraordinary bio people will want to read 

Discover how to create your own personal branding kit and be ready to respond to those requests for information about yourself in 50, 150 to 300 words.  


Mary E. Knippel ~ Writer Unleashed

About Mary:  Mary E Knippel, Writer Unleashed and founder of Your Writing Mentor is an author, publisher, and speaker fiercely committed to supporting women to claim their voices…rewrite their stories…embody their message…transform readers into clients…Live a Life Unleashed! Using the expertise gained from over 35 years as a journalist and her signature 5-step system, Mary guides her clients to gain clarity and confidence in who they are, the gifts they are here to share and whom they are meant to serve. Receive free blog training, learn about virtual classes, or to invite her to speak to your group, by visiting her website.


Mastering a Signature Speech That Sells

How to Get More Clients by Speaking To Groups

Public Speaking can make you a Star in your Field. Are you ready to…

  • Leverage your time by presenting to rooms full of prospects?
  • Maximize your Impact and Attract your Ideal Clients?
  • Create a Signature Talk that Sells?

Speaking in public is one of THE fastest ways to promote your business or practice. Join Elizabeth Bachman as she shares her 30 years of expertise as well as specific success strategies for becoming a Star Speaker. Elizabeth shows how to make your talk compelling, and how to deliver it in the most effective way so that you reach every ear – and every heart – in the audience.

You will learn:

  • Why a Signature Speech is like a License to Print Money.
  • Specific techniques for Feeling at Ease in front of Any Audience
  • How to Stop Leaving Money on the Table, and reach those who don’t normally “Get” you
  • How to Ignite your Audience to Take Action and Beg to Work with You!


Elizabeth Bachman ~ The Star Maker for Speakers

Speaker, author and trainer Elizabeth Bachman is known as The Starmaker for Speakers. She is passionate about helping people shine on ANY stage. Using her 30 years of experience as an International Opera Director, directing such luminaries as Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo, she helps business professionals, authors and speakers to learn how to stand in your power, find your unique voice, close more sales and become known as the Star you are.


Where are you leaving money on the table?

Did you know there are 9 stages every client goes through?
Do you have the systems in place to convert during each of these 9 stages?

In this talk you will:

  • Learn the 9 stages of the Client Lifecycle
  • Understand why having systems in place means greater success
  • Discover why flipping your product funnel is a game changer


Sean Adams ~ 

About Sean: As a consultant and Client Lifecycle expert, Sean Adams is the Chief Passion Officer for, a company committed to helping speakers and coaches have successful speaking and coaching businesses. Sean is also an best-selling author, has trained over 10,000 people on 3 continents on internet marketing and sales automation and systems, and is know for using automation and systems to help business accelerate their growth and success.. 

He and his Fiancee live in Martinez, and looking forward to their 40/40s swing wedding in June.


Mystery Panel of 6-Figure Income Earners

Cyndee Paulson-Heer has a Mystery Panel at the Business Mastery Conference, and won’t tell anyone who’s on it. All we know is that they are all 6-figure business women.


Rapid Fire Speaker Round

Rapid Fire Speaker Round #1: Uplevel Your Social Media Results with 3 Simple Strategies

Most of us are using social media to some degree.  Some of us are dabblers and some are more involved.  The common thread for many people is that they are overwhelmed with what to do and not really getting the results they would like to be getting. 

In this talk, Diana will present 3 simple strategies you can do immediately to

  • Bring your Whole Heart to your online presence;
  • Build Relationships with your Social Media;
  • Uplevel your results and get more referrals and clients from Social Media!

Diana Morgan Whole Heart Marketing

Diana Morgan ~ Whole Heart Marketing

About Diana ~ Diana Concoff  Morgan is a Business and Marketing Coach, author and speaker.  She is passionate about teaching, inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. She specializes in online and offline strategies; showing you how to apply them to your business to get results.  Diana has over 20 years of successful business and marketing experience, building 2 of her own businesses using the strategies she offers her clients.  She understands the struggles and challenges of building an effective, authentic online presence and has the patience and know-how to help you. She offers live and virtual trainings, and “Done For You” internet marketing services.


Rapid Fire Speaker Round #2: Telling Your Financial Story

You have specialized expertise, or you sell wonderful products, and that’s terrific!  But you need to make sure that you put into place the financial building blocks necessary for the continued success of your business.  It’s not enough to simply record the “ins and outs” of your business activities — you need to establish sound recordkeeping practices, and understand the rules that impact the deductibility of certain expenses.  Marilyn Drobenaire, CPA, will share her expertise about how to design financial reporting systems that will hold up to the rigor of continued growth.

Marilyn will:

  • Point out three common mistakes that small business owners make in reporting expenses

  • Share two examples of what financial statements can tell about a business

  • Discuss how you should structure your chart of accounts


Marilyn Drobenaire ~ SF Bay Accounting

About Marilyn: Marilynn is a CPA. She is the owner of SF Bay Accounting, a Professional Accountancy Corporation. She has spent her entire career in finance and brings decades of experience as an accountant, auditor, and tax preparer. Her passion is helping those with an entrepreneurial spirit create financial systems that allow for clarity, transparency, and ease so that they can focus on running their business more effectively and efficiently. She is motivated to help her clients gain an accurate picture of their financial well-being so they can make sound financial decisions.


Rapid Fire Speaker Round #3: Eating for Energy

You’re an entrepreneur.  For peak performance, you know you have to be on top of your game, with plenty of energy and brain power to see you through each day.  Yet you find yourself rushing from appointment to appointment, deadline to deadline, skipping meals or grabbing food on the go.  You may feel productive (even if you do feel a little wired and tired all the time), but deep down you know there’s got to be a better way. 

Does this sound like you?  If so, you’re in luck.  Lorie Gehrke, NC will present on three surprisingly easy ways you can tap into your very best energy (for more success and happiness in 2016.)

Lorie Gehrke

Lorie Gehrke ~Mariposa Living


Rapid Fire Speaker Round #4: Succession planing is not just for retirement


Martha Davis Alexander ~ Law Office of Martha Davis-Alexander

About Martha ~ Martha has been a licensed attorney since 1989. She has practiced in many areas of law including family law, business, litigation and estate planning. Martha is the founder of a boutique law practice emphasizing all aspects of estate planning from preparing individualized plans for families and individuals to helping families administer the estate plan upon incapacity or death. Martha takes pride in making sure her client’s voice is heard when they can no longer speak for themselves due to incapacity or death. She understands that estate planning is very personal and as an estate planning attorney she develops long term relationships with her clients so that they know that she is available to assist them and their families when the need arises.


Marketing in Action Panel

Planning is one thing! Implementation is another! During our marketing panel you’ll hear from several local business women who are implementing their marketing plans with amazing results. During our panel you will learn how they get their marketing done, which strategies have been the most effective for them, and easy steps you can incorporate in your busy life. To wrap-up our panel you will also get to participate in a Q&A round, hosted by Social Media Strategist, Gail Nott, where you can ask this panel of successful,  business women your most burning marketing questions.  

Gail Nott

Gail Nott ~ Marketing Consultant-Nott Ltd


Business Mastery Conference

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

9:30am – 5:30pm

Contra Costa Country Club
801 Country Club Dr., Pleasant Hill CA

No-Host Social Roundup, immediately following