7 ½ Secrets to Networking Success Revealed

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7 ½ Secrets to Networking Success Revealed

Networking is a key part of building community and business success. If it isn’t already a fundamental part of your Marketing and Success Plan: ADD IT!

Now-a-days there are two primary ways to network: online and in person. Commit time to both and let your efforts be driven by an intention to connect and build rapport. Remember: The quality of your network depends on the quality of your connections—that, by the way, is the second half of secret #1, and the most valuable of the secrets.

Alrighty then, let’s get on with the rest of those secrets . . .

  1. Serve: People who show-up at networking events with a desire to connect and serve, build higher quality networks. So, if you want to get the most out of your networking efforts, don’t ask for anything until you have given first, and remember: networking is, first and foremost, a social experience . . . forget that you’re “networking” and connecting will be easier.
  2. Have a Networking Plan: Networking can be intimidating. You can make it easier by having a networking plan. Go over your introduction so you know what you are going to say when it comes time to introduce yourself. Write down a few questions that you can ask to start conversations. Start with simple questions such as: name and hometown? If it feels right you can ask about children, too. When you ask about someone’s business, show genuine interest. After they have shared the preliminaries you can ask how they got into their field, what they like most about it, who their strategic partners are . . . and so forth.
  3. Show Up: I’ve heard it said that 90% of success is Showing Up. In the context of networking that means just showing up will get you exposure; just showing up provides the opportunity for you to refine your networking process; just showing up will earn you credibility, etc.
  4. Build a Network Not a List: There are two basic ways to network: You can either go to a networking event to “work the room” and build your list or you can go with an intention to build relationships. The former might get you more business cards but the latter will get you a better quality connection . . . and possibly a new client or referral. It’s the people we build rapport and relationships with that end up “playing” with us and referring their friends.
  5. Consistency: Statistics say that most people need to be exposed to something 4-7 times before they will act. Translated to networking, that means that you are going to have to be seen at least 4-times before the average person will consider trying your product or services. Additionally, the more consistent you are about networking the more recognition you get. The more recognition you get the more professionalism people attach to you. The more professionalism you have the more people will trust you . . . and did I mention that TRUST is critical in conversion.
  6. Follow-Up: Have a follow-up plan in place. It can be as simple as an email template with a call to action —a free report or an invitation to visit your blog. Follow the email up with a simple, “Hello, it was nice meeting you. How can we help each other to even greater success,” phone call. Don’t wait for them to call you. Call them. If you have sent an email you can place the phone-call 3 to 4 days later. If not, call within 2 days of the event. . . . A tip: if you are not calling to get a client, make a sale or some other form of immediate cash conversion the call is easier to make. So, follow-up with some sort of “free sample” offer that’s even better than the one offered in your email. It can be a free consultation, a free assessment, a free ticket to a mini or “sampler” workshop where you can show your value and sell them “seamlessly” into a larger package.
  7. Enjoy yourself!

There you have it: the Alchemist’s Secret Potion to Networking Success. Networking opportunities are, or can be made, available in any town from local chambers to Meetup Groups. There are fee based groups and free groups. There are women only groups, casual groups, professional groups, corporate groups, etc. If one doesn’t exist that fits your style or needs, start one—it’s a good way to set yourself up as a leader in your community.

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Why Should I Blog

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Hmmm, that’s a good question. I’m glad you asked. But, before I roll out a list of reasons may I tell you a bit about what the thang is and how it got started: 

As you may or may not know a blog, or weblog, as it was initially called made its debut in the late 1990s, but it really goes back, even further, to the early 1990s when people like Justin Hall kept online diaries or journals.  And, if you dig even deeper you will find some relics arguing that they were posting stuff of a similar type on Usenet. So, where ever it began, it has evolved, and I am happy to say that it is here to stay.

 Why, is it here to stay, you might ask: because it is about extending our reach, communication, sharing our thoughts, and connecting . . . and everyone has something to say.

One awesomtastically cool thing about blogs is that the author of a blog is usually also the publisher.  And, for those of you who are not from a writing background that means you get to: 

  • Personalize it
  • Have a voice
  • Share your opinion
  • Share your humanity
  • Share knowledge and wisdom on all your favorite subjects . . .

and you can even share pictures, videos, poems and rants

  • Invite guest bloggers to share their thoughts

It also means:

  • You can feel a sense of belonging and contribution
  • You can build a community and share yourself within it
  • You can develop yourself as a writer
  • You can be perceived as an expert—if you know your subjects well.
  • The playing field is wide open
  • You get to make the rules—but don’t get too crazy: you do want people to read it
  • You get to decide what to write about, and how you want to present it
  • You can use words like: thang and awesomtastically, if you feel so inclined

And finally, the grammar and writing gods are more forgiving—but you’ll need to keep enough structure so people can understand what you have written.

So, if you are writing for personal fulfillment it is a great vehicle to self-express and share. If you are writing for business reasons, and you know what you are talking about: it builds credentials, community, and dare I say– it can increase your bottom line.

So what say ye: What are your reasons for blogging . . . or not blogging?

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Love–What is Love

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I woke up this morning and pulled myself close to my husband: I didn’t feel like getting up and I wanted to snuggle in. As I lay there, my thinking mind did its morning stretch and started to run its series of checks and balances. Fortunately, it was asking some pretty cool questions. I didn’t take much heed, at first, until I asked me: “What is love.” My usual answers didn’t pacify and I asked myself again: W-h-a-t is love?

Understanding that, “square-up-with-me” tone, I knew I was asking for a considered response. Upon quiet reflection I answered: Love is a feeling of complete acceptance. Love is compassion. Love is found in the moments when you look at another and see them beyond any judgment and appreciate them for who they are, as they are, in that moment. Love is found in those moments when another person makes your heart smile. Love is found in knowing that someone else makes your life even better. Love can be found when a dog eagerly awaits their owner to finish a tantrum so he can lick away the wounds and say I love you as the person you are under the fear that drove those behaviors.

And then I asked. . . How much do I love myself?

How ‘bout you: What are your thoughts about love?

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Welcome to The Enchanted Woman Blog

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Welcome to The Enchanted Woman™ a blog designed to support people who Live, or desire to Live, with Volition.  I will be blogging about subjects in the areas of Leadership, Business Development, and Communication.  It is my goal to inspire and motivate readers to Live, Lead and Work with Heart and Purpose. Everything will be delivered through the lens of Authentic Empowerment™.

You might be curious about the name so let me shed some light on that subject.  I did not choose it. Cliché as it might sound; it chose me.  Oh, I put up a fight, arguing that people weren’t gonna take it or me seriously, but in the end, I had to surrender to the greater wisdom of my higher-self, and settle in to the vision and spirit of “The Enchanted Woman™.”

As I opened to the name I realized that its non-traditional characteristics provided some appeal.   I also opened to accept the fact that I’m not a totally traditional kind-a-girl . . . Well, I’m not completely untraditional.  I mean, I love to do research.  I love raw data.   I love facts, stats, logic and unfolding the mystery of life in an empirical way.  But, I also realized that “traditional” usually means a heavy left brain/logical slant that holds little or no room for Imagination, Creativity and Fun.  I’m not saying that left brain intelligence and logic aren’t important.  They are.  It is that side of the brain that allows us to figure out patterns, formulas, and chart a course for our own success.  But, I am saying that intelligence and logic are lifeless, and boring, without Imagination and Creativity.

I tried names like: A Woman’s Way, Self-Defined, Strategic Woman, Empowered and On Purpose . . . But none of those opened the doors wide-enough to convey the message that every one of us has the capacity to create and live a life On Purpose; Be Playful with It, and Enjoy the Journey.

So what exactly is an Enchanted Woman?  She is a Person of Character, Courage, and Vision.   She has a “9-lives Resilience” and an Unwavering Determination to “Go the Distance.”    She is Resourceful, Authentic, and dares to “Paint [life] with all the Colors of the Rainbow.”  She IS Empowered, yet she Believes in and Values the Goodness of people.   And finally, she has Heart, and Wants to Make a Difference.

The Enchanted Journey is not necessarily easy.   To live such a life, requires work and commitment.   We have all undergone the socialization process, whereby we have been  conditioned by the influence and good opinions of others.   But, as Alice discovered: the journey belongs to each of us, individually, and we must make our way back through the weight of our programming, and social influences, retaining the lessons learned and re-connecting with our own hearts desires, while maintaining goodness and love, if we are to live The Enchanted Life™.

What say ye? Are you up for the journey?



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