About Cyndee Paulson-Heer

An Entrepreneur at heart, Cyndee “did her time” in the corporate world and learned early on that it was far too constrained for her revolutionary thinking. She has owned several successful businesses, both brick and mortar and home based, has run a successful home, and raised 3 children.Cyndee White background pic only

She is a lifelong learner. In 1990 she replaced television with books on tape, and reading, adding online courses to her repertoire, and a long list of seminars, workshops, certifications.

As a visionary leader (thinking about or planning the future with imagination, wisdom, and an idea of what the world can look like), Cyndee was studying and writing about many things, such as the law of attraction, the collective conscious, roundtable leadership, sustainable success, be the change you want to see in the world, start with  the end in mind, and business breakthroughs 15 years before they hit the mainstream.

She has blended her corporate background, entrepreneurial spirit, wide range of knowledge, experience, and cutting edge thinking to build The Enchanted Woman™, a business based on values such as: Authenticity, Triple Win Collaboration, Mutual Success, and Enchantment—a childlike wonderment, enthusiasm, and willingness to create and live life vision and volition.

The gift of life is precious, she maintains, and should be lived with vision and volition—(volition—the act of choosing and executing as though there is no backup plan) examined, and considered. We owe it to ourselves to self-actualize, and live as though our individual life matters, and it does even if only to a small circle of people.

Her highest value is the development of one’s personal character/soul. Cyndee believes we are born into Enchantment then socialized to live in a highly limited version of ourselves. While few people take the initiative, it is our individual responsibility to chip away all the programming that isn’t us so as to uncover our highest and best self.  In doing so, one becomes a virtuous leader who is able to provide guidance, direction, and inspiration to leverage others to cultivate their highest self.

Credentials in traditional format: Cyndee is a Certified Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Reprogramming and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Her academic path has included countless classes and courses in Personal, Spiritual, Business and Leadership Development. She has read and studied hundreds of books on subjects such as Psychology, Sociology, Critical Thinking, Ethics, Logic, Spirituality, Women’s Issues, Authenticity, Women’s Empowerment, Social Networking, Sales and Business Development.

Cyndee at Enchanted Conference April 2014 1 (2)She has attended and crewed multiple seminars and retreats in similar areas of personal and professional development as listed above as well as co-lead a Women’s Empowerment Retreat for 7-years and running. Additionally, Cyndee has studied and lead in the areas of Public Speaking, Platform and Presentations, Sustainable Success, Time Management, Goal Setting and Parenting.

Cyndee began her stage performances at the age of ten and opened for Country Legend Mel Tillis, yet she rejected three professional singing contracts to be true to herself and raise her family. She continues to sing and in later years, took up acting and eventually lead and directed in the same disciplines. She is also a Published Writer, Editor and Co-Founder of a local Writers Group.  

Cyndee is a Speaker and Trainer for Enchanted Empowerment, and Business Influence. She has spent the last 25-years helping men and women live a Life On Purpose. With her diverse studies and experience Cyndee is holistic in her approach and passionately communicates her vision. She forms a safe, sacred environment of trust that allows people to open up and discover themselves in new and empowering ways.

Specialties: Authentic Personal and Professional Development, Women’s Empowerment, Vision and Planning, Team Work, Communications, Conflict Resolution, Performance Results, Sustainable Success and Parenting