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I woke up this morning and pulled myself close to my husband: I didn’t feel like getting up and I wanted to snuggle in. As I lay there, my thinking mind did its morning stretch and started to run its series of checks and balances. Fortunately, it was asking some pretty cool questions. I didn’t take much heed, at first, until I asked me: “What is love.” My usual answers didn’t pacify and I asked myself again: W-h-a-t is love?

Understanding that, “square-up-with-me” tone, I knew I was asking for a considered response. Upon quiet reflection I answered: Love is a feeling of complete acceptance. Love is compassion. Love is found in the moments when you look at another and see them beyond any judgment and appreciate them for who they are, as they are, in that moment. Love is found in those moments when another person makes your heart smile. Love is found in knowing that someone else makes your life even better. Love can be found when a dog eagerly awaits their owner to finish a tantrum so he can lick away the wounds and say I love you as the person you are under the fear that drove those behaviors.

And then I asked. . . How much do I love myself?

How ‘bout you: What are your thoughts about love?

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