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Welcome to The Enchanted Woman™ a blog about Living Life with Vision, Intention and Purpose. I will be blogging about Business, Networking, Influence, and Personal Development, because after all, you are a part of everything you do.   Because it is my goal to encourage and empower readers to Live, Lead and Work with Heart and Purpose everything will pretty much be delivered through the lens of Authentic Empowerment, Leadership and Sustainable Success.

Hi! My name is Cyndee Paulson-Heer. I am a passionate, devoted, student of life, perhaps even a geek. I mean, I’m one of those people that have spent tens of thousands of dollars on education. I don’t watch TV. I read and listen to personal and business development CDs as a leisure activity, and I spend countless hours every week taking online courses, researching and learning. That which is of value, I even apply in my own life . . . and I get some insights of my own, too.

I’m a boomer girl. I have lived through the influence of Donna Reed and June Cleaver. I have watched women and youths fight for their right to intelligence, an opinion, and personal success. I have experienced the Civil Rights Movement, and the Women’s Liberation Movement–a phase of the Women’s Empowerment Movement.

Each Movement has begged for dignity, equality and respect for all.  Unfortunately, many of us got caught in our heads and missed those learning’s. As a result we ended up with the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction, looking at each other, but not seeing, and competitively trying to prove our worth—as was exampled in the Super Woman Syndrome.

I too got caught up, but thanks to an epiphany I got from being a mom, some 23 years ago, I realized that if I wanted my children to be authentic, if I wanted them to be people of character, if I wanted them to respect themselves and others, see the value in others and life . . . if I wanted them to believe in their own life vision, reach for the stars and live extraordinary lives then I myself must become an example of the person I most want them to be.

And then, somewhere along the way, I realized that you don’t just get there one day. It is a lifestyle choice and a lifelong commitment. There will be good days. There will be bad days. And you either sign on or you don’t.  I’ve decided to Go the Distance.

That said, I’ve become much more the person I want my children to be and still have far to travel. So, I thought, what better way—and since I love it anyway— to keep my commitment strong then to build a community of strong, committed souls . . . folks that are also committed to Go the Distance for their life vision, folks that can share challenges, insights and support each other in a united vision of mutual success  . . . and heck:  maybe we’ll even start a movement—The New Women’s Empowerment Movement™ or The Authentic Empowerment Movement™ . . . or both.

Nells Bells! That would have been a great place to end this blog but there are a couple more things I need tell you . . . just so you are not surprised: I have a sarcastic, smartass sense of humor that will probably find its way onto the page; I use profanity, and while there is a charming, charismatic, loving, nurturing side of me, I can also be a bitch, and if I am going to be myself I’ll probably need to let her rant from time to time.

Okay. Now I’m done . . . I hope our visions run parallel and that the insights and learning’s I share on this blog will resonate with you, take root and help lead you to “The Enchanted Life.”

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